What is AREDN?

AREDN is a wireless mesh network designed specifically for emergency situations- when communication is at its highest importance. Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network leverages commercial wifi equipment to provide vital communication to emergency services when traditional methods become unavailable.

Primary Uses

High-Speed Data Network

AREDN provides internet using radio waves up to 144 Mbps and 50 miles away.

Voice Over IP

Sometimes text does not suffice, and it's better to simply talk to someone. Using tried-and-true technology, Voice Over IP allows users to speak real-time using dedicated IP phones or smartphone apps.

Email & Chat
Standard Services

Everyone today uses email or chat, and understands the value they provide. Don't let a disaster prevent you from utilizing one of the most popular modes of communication available.

Live Video
PTZ & Audio

“A picture says a thousand words”, is quite the understatement. When lives are on the line, seeing exactly what is going on is not just convenient, it's crucial to protecting lives and making more informed decisions.